Comparing Dewalt Dws779 and Dws780 miter saws

To make sharp angle cuts every woodworker needs a miter saw. Even if you are a DIY person, amateur or professional carpenter it is recommendable to have a powerful tool that is capable of working on all kind of jobs that you may come across. A good tool should not only make precise cuts but should be easy to operate and safe to use.

One of the great brands that are dedicated to producing to quality miter saws is Dewalt. Their miter saws are widely used to perform all types of projects. In this article, we will compare two-miter saws i.e. Dws779 and DWs 779.

Detailed comparison

Dewalt Dws779

This is the right tool for someone looking for a 12-inch double bevel sliding miter saw. You can easily make adjustments and cutting lines for better accuracy and visibility. The dual horizontal rails that are made of steel and clamping mechanism makes this miter saw accurate and compact.

Key features

  • Durable and powerful miter saw.
  • Dust collection system that is efficient.
  • Limited warranty of 3 years.
  • Increased cutting capacity with greater precision.
  • A sliding fence that is tall for supporting crown molding.

Dewalt Dws 780

Dws780 is also a 12-inch double bevel miter saw. It comes integrated with a modern position cutting system called XPS. Has a tall sliding fence for supporting a nested crown for base molding. Back fence design is capable of cutting lumber at 90 degrees. This saw also features a durable steel place with a locking cam for making accurate cuts.

Other Key Features

  • It comes with a dust bag.
  • 12-inch blade tipped with carbide.
  • Vertical material clamp.
  • Has blade wrench.
  • Made using durable material.
  • Precision cutting system.
  • High cutting capacity.
  • Hassle-free operations when working.

Similarities between Dws 779 and Dws 780

There are several similarities in these two miter saws. They have the same weight i.e. 56 pounds. They also come equipped with a powerful 15-amp motor capable of making 3800 RPM. Their power source is corded electric both requiring 120 volts.

In terms of cutting capacity, the two miters saw have 12-inch carbide-tipped blade that is capable of cutting any kind of material with precision.

The dust collection system is a very important feature in every miter saw. These two miter saws have a dust collection system that is capable of capturing 75 percent of all the dust particles that are produced. It is important to note that the collection in a miter saw is very important because of the side effects it has on human beings. The two are also double bevel sliding compound miter saws. It means they are capable of making bevel cuts in both directions.

Difference between dws779 and dws780

There are three main differences between these two miter saws. The first one is a cutting guide system. Dws 780 miter saw model uses an advanced XPS system that is used to position the system to make precise and accurate cuts. The LED light shines along the blade, therefore, it is easy for even amateur use to make accurate cuts. Dws 779 uses a traditional laser-guided system that is not reliable and efficient like the XPS system.

The other difference is price. Dws 780 is more expensive costing 200 dollars more than DW 779. However; it is worthy spending the extra 200 dollars because this miter saw has an XPS system.

Safety in every miter saw is very important. Comparing the two miter saws, DWS780 is safer because it has a transparent blade guard, therefore, you can be able to see what you are cutting.


Between Dws 780 and 799, it is clear DWS 780 is the best miter saw because of the following two key features:-

  1. Modern and advanced XPS guide cutting system
  2. Extra safety features i.e. transparent blade guard.


Dewalt Dws779 Vs Dws780 Comparison