How to repair and maintain your Skateboard Brands

Skateboards just like all sports materials should be well maintained in order to give you maximum service. Failure to do this often leads to declining in its performance or even its life span. Proper maintenance must be done regularly if you use your skateboard all the time. One mistake some skateboarders do is purchasing high-quality skateboards but go for cheap repair tools which degrades its performance or leads to crashing leading to serious injuries.

For amateurs, the process of maintaining their skateboards maybe something they are not aware of since they have no experience with skateboards. You can do the maintenance on your own or take it to a professional. However, if you are a regular skateboarder, taking it to a store for maintenance may be expensive and time-consuming. With a maintenance kit, you can easily do it at home. It consists bearing lube, skateboard rails, wax and other important tools needed for maintenance. Before skateboarding, always check if it is well balanced or if the wheels are in good shape.

Make sure to check your wheels since it is an important part that will determine performance and your safety while skateboarding. They need to be replaced once they wear out because you can’t imagine ending up in the hospital because of injuries. When cleaning, open the bearings to ensure all debris is removed. Failure to clean the wheels well leads to slow racing and producing sounds. Also, ensure the decks and the board grips are well balanced. The grip must also be able to hold the skateboard well.

Things to do to ensure your skateboard is in a good condition

-Do not skateboard during rainy season

-Store in a dry place

-Keep the bearings in good shape

-Avoid throwing it

-Do not expose it to extreme temperatures

-Replace worn out parts

-Clip the grip tape if it peels off

-Sand down the splinters and chips

How to maintain your skateboard

For your skateboard to last for long and to have uninterrupted performance, it is crucial that you maintain it properly. Make sure you check it before and after skateboarding to know its condition. Also, make sure the nuts are tight to avoid the wheel from flying off hence causing injuries.

a) Inspect it regularly

Check if the grip has peeled, the wheels spin well and if the bolts and nuts are well tightened before skateboarding. This will help prevent injuries and ensure that you are able to repair and replace damaged parts on time to enjoy the sport.

b) Tighten the trucks carefully

Tighten your trucks how you love them and keep checking on them. Too tight trucks will damage the bushing and decrease performance. The trucks become tighter if you expose 2 threads of the kingpin and you will need hard bushings.

c) Clean the wheels and bearings

You can do this regularly since dust and dirt can easily settle on the bearings. You can soak then shake for the dirt to fall off. Dry with a cloth then adds lubricant. When you clean the wheels, you will prevent dirt and dust from getting to the bearings.

d) Replace the bushings

Once dry, it is advisable that you replace the bushings since they easily wear out. If the bushings are squished or have cracks then you need to replace. Extreme high or cold temperatures can wear them off. A squeaky sound means they a dry and you may need to put candle wax on pivot cup or replace them if not responsive.

e) Replace the grip tape

The grip tape often wears off quicker than the deck. This means you will just need to replace the grip tape and not buying a whole deck. Cut peeled off the tape to prevent extra damage that may need a new replacement immediately.

f) Do not expose it to extreme weather

Water from the rain makes it waterlogged hence losing its pop or become delaminated since it is made of maple wood plies. It will also make the bearings, screws, and bolts to rust. Add lubricant to the bearings to increase its lifespan.

Hot weather wears off the bushings and wheels or causes dust and sand settle on the bearings and may deform. Cold weather freezes bushings leading to a decrease in performance.

g) Store in dry place

Storing it on a rack can be a good idea to prevent exposure to any moist, warm, cold or dust that may destroy it.

Other tips to keep it in shape

-Avoid stepping on it with wet shoes as this makes it have a short life span

-Do not ride on glass because if it sticks on the wheels then it will wear it easily

-Dry it well if it gets wet to prolong its durability

-Use spacers when tightening the nuts to prevent damaging them

-Buy yourself a skate tool to help you repair your skateboard any time


Skateboarding is a very risky sport, that is why it is very important that you have safety tools in place. These tools will prevent severe injuries in case you fall. They include helmet, knee and elbow caps. It is also important that you handle your all skateboard brands for beginners well to prevent it from breaking. Landing tricks on top of bolts attached to the trucks will prevent this. Following the tips above will always make sure that your skateboard lasts longer.