What to look for when buying electric scooter for commuting

An electric scooter is a motorized scooter that is powered by a battery that is charged by electrical energy. The electric scooters don’t use fuel making them economical. Also, you can be able to overcome traffic jams and reach to your destination quickly. There are various advantages of electric scooters but you need to ensure that you buy the right scooter to enjoy the benefits. This article explores the factors that you should check when buying an electric scooter:

Electric Scooter Buying Guide

a. Braking System

Brakes are essential for any person looking to own an electric scooter. A well designed braking structure helps you to avoid accidents. We recommend that you buy an electric scooter that has disk brakes as they’ve the best braking performance. Ensure that your scooter has both rear and front brakes. Other benefits of disk brakes are:

-Exceptional control over braking


-Easy to maintain and adjust

-Have outstanding brake powder

b. Top Speed

It is important to consider the speed of your electric scooter for commuter when riding on your scooter. The speed determines how fast you can reach your destination. However, for most people, speed is not a huge factor as long as it can reach 15MPH. There are towns that have a speed limit of 15 mph on scooters. Thinking of it, 15-18 MPH is enough speed when on the road. We recommend that you wear a helmet and other protective gears when on the road.

c. Tires

The tires of electric scooter come in two varieties such as airless and pneumatic.

  • Pneumatic Tires – The pneumatic tires are the most preferred tires. The tires are better due to its shock absorption capability and better traction/handling. However, they’re prone to punctures and you need to fill them with air every time their pressure is low.
  • Airless Tires – They’re inferior in a number of ways as they’re not well structured for off-roads. In fact, the only advantage of this tire is that they require no maintenance.

d. Motor Power

Generally, motor power starts at 200 watts for electric scooters and goes all the way up to 6000 watts. For an adult, we recommend that you buy a scooter that is 250 watts and above for your daily commuting. If you leave in areas with small hills, you need one with 400 or 500 watts. For steeper hills, you will require one with 500 watts and above. The motor power doesn’t only assist you to climb hills but also achieve top speed swiftly.

e. Weight

The weight of the best electric scooter for adult is a big consideration. Most of the time you will need to fold and carry it. Think about carrying it up the stairs or the dark nights that you need to bring it on the train or bus. Scooters that are below 30 lbs in weight are easy to carry but above that, they can be heavy for you to carry.

f. Fork and Frame Construction

There is need to have buy an electric scooter with a solid construction. The fork and frame construction determines the durability and efficiency of the electric scooter. Select a scooter made of thick plate steel and tubular steel construction that is both tough and reliable.

g. Range

It refers to the distance that a scooter can travel before it drains out the battery power. Like all other battery, its power will diminish and you will be required to recharge it or carry it like a baby. Therefore, buy one that can cover the miles that you intend to cover before you recharge to avoid disappointments.

h. Belt Drive or Chain Drive

An electric scooter can either be belt or chain driven. Chain drive is the most reliable system and last longer than the belt drives. However, they’re noisy on the road which warns other people that you’re driving it down the road. Belt drive are quieter compared to the chain drive but not as reliable as the chain drive.

i. Maintenance

There is a possibility that the electric scooter will breakdown and it will need maintenance. Find an electric scooter that you can be able to get their replacement parts easily. Purchasing one of these can mean sending it back to your manufacturer.

j. Price

The electric scooter has different prices depending on its capability. There is no electric scooter that would cost $200 and expect it to be an off-road. I would suggest that you buy a machine that cost $500-2000.


For beginners electric scooter, we recommend one with 20 mile range, a disc brake, weigh <30 lbs, 250 W motor, a pneumatic tire, and a budget of about $500 – $1000.