How to Clean a Golf Bag

A golf bag is one of the vital accessories that permit all the golfers to carry their clubs and other items around the course easily. A pro golfer knows the significance of properly maintaining their golf bags. If you fail to protect your golf bags, then it can result to wear down your clubs. Some golfers think that washing your golf bag is a tall order but this is not the case. This article offers you insight on how to clean your golf bag.

Step 1: Remove all items in your golf bag

Firstly, you need to remove everything from your leather golf bag and ensure that there is nothing left in the pockets.

Step 2: Spraying water

Then, you need to spray some water lightly on your golf bag. The spraying will assist you to make your bag softer for cleaning it.

Step 3: Collecting essential items

For the process of cleaning, you will require to assemble mild soap, household stain remover, and a soft rag or clean cloth.

Step 4: Using mild soap

Then, mix mild soap with some warm water. The mixed mild soap is what you will use to wash the golf bag.

Step 5: Scrubbing and removing stains

Take your clean cloth or the soft rag and deep it in the mixed mild soap to scrub the bag gently. In case there is any stain in the bag and you want to wipe them, use a stain remover. Ensure that you scrub it gently to avoid damaging the golf bag.

Step 6: Use a pipe or hose

After you have scrubbed the golf bag, you will need to rinse it using a pipe. Ensure that you use clean water to rinse it.

Step 7: Drying the bag

Once your waterproof golf bag is cleaned then let it to dry for a day under a shade. Always ensure that you don’t dry it under the sun as it may cause destruction to your golf bag.

Step 8: Using vinyl protectant

If you’re gold bag is constructed using a vinyl, you can utilize a vinyl protectant to make your golf bag more shining.

Step 9: Reshaping your golf bag

As you continue using your golf bag, you can find that is out of shape. If that is the case, you need to reshape your bag using either clothes or towels in all the pockets of the golf bag.

How to Clean the Inner Part of a Golf Bag

It is essential to know how to clean the inside of your golf bag. The following two methods can be used to clean the inner part of your golf bag. They’re;

Method 1

The first method is pretty straightforward and simple for any golfer. You’ll require washing your golf bag with some clean water. Scrub the golf bag with a clean cloth and water and let it dry for few hours under a fan. Most golfers follow this technique to clean the inner part of their golf bags.

Method 2

The next technique of cleaning your golf bag is using mild soap. The cleaning technique usually takes long time and you will need to apply some energy. It is just like cleaning the outside of the golf bag. After you clean it, you will need to let it dry for few hours in the shade.

Essential Tips for Cleaning your Golf Bag

  • Don’t dry your bag under the sun
  • Clean the wedges of your golf bags before you place them on the bags
  • Don’t dry your golf bag in high temperature
  • Don’t use a wash machine to clean your golf bag
  • Don’t overload your bag as you shape it to avoid damaging the zippers

Final Thought

In the article, we have explored on various issues of cleaning a golf bag. If you followed the issues examined, you will be assured of having a clean golf bag. We have tried to offer the required insights on cleaning your golf bag while ensuring that your golf bag is secure.