Golf Bags Clearance

Are you looking for cheap or lowest golf bag prices without compromising on the quality? There are hundreds of best golf bags for the price. We shall help you to identify any type of golf bag that will serve your needs and preference. There are different types of golf bags that you can select from, if you like riding on a cart while playing golf, then purchase a cart bag; if you like walking, then purchase a stand golf bag or a carry golf bag.

6 Best Features of Best Golf Bags

An avid golfer knows the overall benefit of owning a good golf bag. The best golf bag like other golfing accessories helps you to play the game comfortably. It makes it easy for you to transport several items around the golf course easily. Modern golf bags come in diverse design, size, color, and type and picking one from the various options available can be a challenging task. The following features will help you locate the best golf bags on the market.

What to look for in a golf bag

a) Full-length dividers – Dividers keep the golf clubs separate from one another to avoid them crashing. It is a very important but underrated feature in a golf bag. The best golf bags should have about 14 individual dividers for all your golf clubs that you will require for the game.

b) Golf bag pockets – Different golf bags have different type and size of pockets. There are golf bags with coolers pocket that ensures that your drink remains cold to quest your thirst while on the course. Ensure that you buy a golf bag that has pockets for the tees, golf balls, and other equipment. Also, ensure that your golf bag has a lined pocket so that you can place your valuables such as watch and mobile phone.

The pockets should be forward facing for easy accessibility of your items. It makes it easy for you to remove and place things in and out of the bag.

c) Golf bag strap – If you’re a golfer who prefers to carry your bag, it should have a comfy strap. The golf bag strap comes in both customized and removable options. When buying a strap, ensure that they’re not just big enough but it should be wider in size.

d) Brands – There are numerous golf brands on the market and it is important to know what brand you’re purchasing and its prominence. It is necessary that you purchase a golf bag from renowned brands such as Sun Mountain golf bag and Callaway.

e) Price – For the longest period that I have been playing golf, I know that you can find a cheap golf bag that is of high quality and an expensive golf bag that doesn’t meet your expectations. A good golf bag should range from $150-$300 but you can find a good one for under $100.

f) Additional Features – There are other additional features that make a golf bag great such as drink holders, umbrella, and a rain hood. So instead of purchasing these things separately, you can just buy a golf bag with all those features.

Types of Golf Bags

  • Caddy/ Staff Bag

Caddy or staff bag is a bag that is used by professional in their game. They’re the most expensive bags due to their sturdy construction and they sponsor the Tour players who use their golf bags during the tournament. The bags weigh more than 10 pounds and they’re usually carried by professional caddies.

  • Cart Bags for Riders

If you’re planning to use a cart bag, then you must be golfers who prefer to ride on a cart. The cart golf bags are made for those who don’t like carrying their golf bags as they ride on their golf bag. They’re big but not heavy and you can access the pockets even when the bag is sitting on the cart.

  • Cart Bags for Pull Carts

There are cart golf bags that are made for push carts. They’re spacious and would accommodate most of the items that you need such as a rangefinder, balls, clothes, beverages, and clubs. They weigh about 6 to 7 pounds when not loaded with golf clubs or other golf necessities.

  • Stand Bags

They’re specifically constructed for people who prefer walking on the golf course. They can hold 12 –15 clubs but there are those with few compartments. They are light and smaller compared to other golf bags. The stand golf bags usually weigh about 6 pounds and have retractable legs that extend to give the bag some support when it is stretched out.

  • Hybrid Bags

A hybrid golf bag is one type of golf bag that combines the best of both the cart and carry bags. They’re larger than the stand bags and weigh more but they’re still light enough for golfers to carry around. They’re constructed with the latest technology and they offer the best features for golfers.

Final Thought

The article has offered you an opportunity to understand the features of the best golf bag and types of golf bags available on the market. As you check on golf bag clearance, it is important to ensure that even if the golf bags are cheap, they can be able to have all the necessary features to serve you well while on the course